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To carry out a purchase
To carry out a purchase it is enough to follow these some stages simple and easy to include/understand:
1- Choose a category while clicking on one of the buttons to the left of your screen, a choice of nine products will be offered to you, to click on the product which you want to buy, the photograph will increase so that you can better see it.
2- Continuation with the description of the product you have a field in which you can register the quantity of product that you want ordered, the quantity per defect is only of one product then if you want some several it should absolutely be specified . Then to click on the button to order.
3- An invoice appears with a total partial of your order (without tax, nor forwarding costs ) you have then the choice to continue to store or pay the invoice. If you did not finish your storing clicking on the button to continue to store if not click on the button to pay the invoice. You see surely a small yellow lock beside this button, that means that the payment is sedentary.
4- A page requiring of you to register personal data for the invoicing, forwarding and the payment appears to you, you must obligatorily fill all the fields (square vacuums) which have a small red star on the left side. If your address of forwarding is the same one as your bill-to-address , you do not have to re-register all your co-ordinates, to click to copy the invoicing in the delivery and all information automatically refers invoicing to forwarding. Then, choose the mode of payment and register information which is attached to it. Click on the button to finish and you will have a printable invoice with all information which you have just registered.
As of you have to click on the button to finish, your order is sent and you can nothing any more change, before clicking on this button ensure you to have to finish your purchases well. You can make changes on the products which you chose (to remove from it, add or modify the quantity of it of it) or to continue your storing while clicking on the button to return to the basket.
The taxes and the forwarding costs are calculated automatically according to country's and the province which you registered, you have information on the amounts which are charged for you on the invoice.