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Receipt (S) of the Month
Wafer receipt of the Kings to my way
Ingredients: 2 puff pastries, 150 G of powder almonds , 2 large whole eggs and 1 egg yolk, ½ stopper of bitter almond in liquid, 1et ½ stopper of rum amber, 170 G of caster sugar, 100 G of softened butter.
Preparation of the frangipane: In a salad bowl to put almonds out of powder and softened butter, mixer these two ingredients with the assistance of a beater, the paste must be homogeneous. Then to incorporate whole eggs, sugar, rum and bitter almond in liquid. This time to mix the whole with a whip by raising the paste.
Realization of wafer: To install the carpet cooking on the grid of the furnace. To put the puff pastry on the carpet, to slightly prick the paste using a fork. To spread out the frangipane by leaving approximately 4 centimetres over all the circumference (this band of 4cm will be used to assemble the pastes between them). To incorporate a broad bean and to delicately position the second puff pastry on the frangipane, then using a fork to support on the circumference to seal the 2 pastes between them. With a knife to trace features on the paste (without digging the paste). And to finish this preparation to of course spread out an egg yolk using a silicone brush while insisting joints.
To preheat the furnace during: 10 minutes with 150° TH 5
Cooking: 45 minutes with 180° TH 6
Good realization and good appetite.